DC Superior Court Introduces New eSummons Notification for Jurors and Grand Jurors

While DC Superior Court monitors the pandemic and is following guidance from the US Centers for Disease Control and the DC Department of Health, it is also preparing for a resumption of operations next year.  One of the changes that will be implemented as the DC Superior Court resumes jury operations is an additional way the court communicates with those summoned for jury duty.

In addition to receiving a paper jury summons in the mail, DC residents may also receive an email notification alerting them that a jury summons is on its way. The new system, called eSummons, will take advantage of a system the court currently uses to send text and email messages to prospective jurors to remind them of upcoming jury service dates, confirm requests to reschedule/postpone jury duty, exchange information, and alert jurors when they do not need to report for jury duty the next day.  eSummons will utilize juror email addresses and phone numbers that DC residents have provided to the court, to deliver the summons notices electronically.  The electronic notices – texts and emails – will be sent in addition to the mailed summons document.  eSummons messages will advise prospective jurors that a paper summons has been mailed to their home address, and will provide reporting details and hyperlinks to the webpage where they can complete the juror questionnaire.  After the initial eSummons is sent, jurors will be given the choice to opt-out of receiving future electronic summons. eSummons is designed to improve the court's communication with prospective jurors.