DC Superior Court Changes Jury Plan to Reduce Time before Returning Citizens Can Serve as Jurors

DC Superior Court Chief Judge Robert Morin today announced that the Court has modified its Jury Plan so that persons with felony convictions are eligible to serve as petit jurors one year after completion of their sentence - the minimum allowed under DC law. Previously a felony conviction barred a person from serving jury duty for ten years after they completed their sentence.  

“We are pleased to eliminate this barrier to full participation by returning citizens,” said Chief Judge Robert Morin.  “Jury service is a fundamental civic duty and an opportunity for all citizensm, regardless of their background, to participate in our civil and criminal justice systems.  This change will make juries more representative, advance due process and allow returning citizens to more fully participate." 

In recent years, DC Superior Court has made a number of changes to expand the pool of eligible jurors in DC and limit the frequency with which DC residents must come to the courthouse to serve jury duty, including a call-in system so jurors can check the night before to see if their presence is needed. 

The revised jury plan can be found here: https://www.dccourts.gov/sites/default/files/2019%20Amendments%20to%20D.C.%20Courts%20Jury%20Plan%20(approved-clean)%20(1).pdf

*Please note that due to the pandemic, DC Superior Court is not currently summoning any jurors.