DC Adoption Day 2019 was a tremendous success: 47 children adopted, 38 new families created!

The DC Superior Court and the DC Child and Family Service Agency hosted the 33rd Annual DC Adoption Day Ceremony on Saturday, November 16th, 2019. The ceremony was designed to celebrate the joys of adoption and encourage area residents to consider adopting or fostering a child in the District’s welfare system. Forty-seven children were adopted in this year’s celebration, creating 38 new forever families.

“We had seven sibling groups adopted, as well as several parents we have seen before who came back and adopted a second, third, or in one case fourth child!” said Chief Judge Robert Morin. He went on, saying “To see children who might otherwise have been in foster care for a number of years, or possibly aged out of the system when they turn 21 without a family, officially become part of their ‘forever family’ is heartwarming.”

NBC4’s Barbara Harrison emceed the event, introducing each child and sharing their story with the audience.  As each child came to the stage, she offered them a chance to say a few words about their new families, and invited them to meet the DC Courts emotional support dog, a black lab named Pepper.

The event included musical performances from Kristina Flemming, a very talented young singer who aged out of foster care in DC last spring.  At the end, she presented Barbara Harrison with a bouquet of roses and led the crowd in singing Happy Birthday to her.  The DC Boys Choir performed the National Anthem and two other musical numbers which were incredibly well-received, and the event included two dance performances by local youth Kyra and Audrina Johnson, Adrian Epps and Brianna Vice.

The day was a complete success, with miling children, joyful families, a DJ,  a clown,  facepainting....and warm feelings all around.