The DC Court of Appeals adds 450 Seats to the July 2022 DC Bar Exam

The DC Court of Appeals has continued to seek additional venues to administer the DC Bar Exam in July, and today we are happy to announce that we have increased our seating capacity to 1550 seats.

The University of the District of Columbia will provide 450 extra spots above the 1,100 seats available at the DC Armory.

The priority registration period opened today and will close May 17th at 11:59pm.

General registration will open on May 18th at 12:00am Eastern Time and close when all seats are filled. Although we do not expect to fill the seats during the priority registration, it is not possible to predict how many seats will remain when general registration opens.

We regret the inconvenience it may cause some applicants to sit for the exam in a different Uniform Bar Exam jurisdiction (“UBE”). To mitigate the inconvenience to applicants who are not able to obtain a seat for the D.C. exam, the following will be made available for the July 2022 exam cycle (June 1, 2022 – December 15, 2022):

1. The application fee for applicants who apply based on a transferred UBE score from the July 2022 exam will be $232.00 for the July 2022 exam cycle. This is the same fee charged to exam applicants. The normal fee for UBE score transfer applications is $418.00.

 2. The requirement for UBE score transfer applications to report a minimum score of 266 at the time the application is submitted is waived. Applicants who plan to sit for the UBE in another jurisdiction may apply for admission in D.C. at anytime beginning June 1st. Individuals who complete the D.C. character and fitness application between June 1 to June 15 will be reviewed for character and fitness[1] in time for the swearing-in ceremony on January 25, 2023.[2] Applications submitted after June 15th likewise will receive expedited review once the background report is completed. All UBE score transfer applicants must have a UBE score of at least 266 and an MPRE minimum score of 75 in addition to meeting all other requirements before they can be certified for admission.


We would like the thank the University of the District of Columbia for working with the DC Court of Appeals in locating and providing the additional 450 seats.

Also, we would like to thank the deans of the distinguished law schools in Washington, DC for supporting the DC Court of Appeals decision to establish a priority-registration process for the DC Bar - which prioritizes graduates of local law schools.


[1] The character and fitness review is contingent upon the completion of a background investigation report by NCBE. Applicants who do not timely respond to NCBE inquiries may cause a delay in the report and in the certification process.

[2] Applicants may be sworn in earlier through the in-absentia process after receiving a certification notice and also participate in the swearing-in ceremony.