As Chair of the DC Courts' Joint Committee on Judicial Administration, I want to assure the public that the DC Courts understand the urgency of addressing the Coronavirus emergency.  I also want to keep the public informed of the latest steps the DC Courts are taking to reduce risks of the Coronavirus while also ensuring that urgent criminal justice and public safety matters are handled and access to justice is maintained.   

As you can see in the advisories posted in the last few days on, the DC Superior Court has significantly reduced its operations, and only those matters that are urgent and crucial to public safety will go forward.  

The DC Court of Appeals has just posted an updated and more detailed Coronavirus operations plan.  The Court is not closing and is open for all new filings, through our eFiling process and via email for pro se parties who are not registered eFilers. The court will continue to decide motions and issue decisions on already argued and submitted cases during this time.  However, all oral arguments scheduled through March 31, 2020, are cancelled.  The Court will continue to decide cases on the summary calendar. Filing deadlines are being tolled until March 31, meaning if a filing is due 3/16 to 3/30, it may be filed on 3/31.  The Court's eFiling rules that require that two paper copies be provided to the court are suspended. The Committee on Admissions (CoA) and the Committee on Unauthorized Practice of Law offices will be closed to the public until 3/31.  However, the CoA Office will continue to receive and process applications, and grade the February 2020 bar exam.  Appellate mediations will be rescheduled.  Please see the order (available on and

We appreciate your patience and understanding as we all collectively deal with this unprecedented health crisis.