Thank You For #AnsweringTheCall When Jury Duty Comes Calling

DC Superior Court Kicks Off Jury Appreciation Week

The role of jurors is pivotal to the judicial system within DC Superior Court. Victims, plaintiffs, and defendants can only be assured of fair and impartial outcomes because of the commitment and attention that jurors provide to all parties in jury trials in our courthouse.

For the second year in a row, the team from the Council for Court Excellence is helping us to say thank you for #AnsweringTheCall to all of those who have jury duty this week.

Different judges will be spending some time with the prospective jurors each morning this week – thanking them for #AnsweringTheCall.

DC Superior Court Associate Judge Shana Matini thanked the nearly 300 people in the jury pool who #AnsweredTheCall today and explained to them the important role they each play in Court’s ability to always being Open to all, Trusted by all and providing Justice for all.

Those in the jury pool are your friends, relatives, and neighbors from the many different neighborhoods and communities across the District of Columbia – each of whom plays a role in our attempt to ensure that selected juries are representative of those the Court serves every day.

And while we acknowledge that serving on jury duty may not be your favorite thing in the world, those within the Juror’s Office are doing all that they can to make your brief stay as comfortable as possible, which means providing:

  • A Business Center
  • Guest Wi-Fi Service
  • Free Childcare
  • Amenities including cellphone charging stations, lockers, pantry with microwaves, ice, and vending machines.
  • $50 daily subsidy for jurors who are not paid by their employer while service on jury duty.
  • A $7 daily travel stipend for all jurors

“Juries are central to making our justice system fair. Jurors provide enormous insight and input into making crucial decisions about what the results of a case should be,” said Anita Josey-Herring, Chief Judge, The Superior Court of Washington, DC.

“The Court knows that everyone’s time is extremely valuable, which is why we are so appreciative of those that answer the call, setting aside the many important responsibilities to serve on a jury. Without jurors, the judicial system would come to a screeching halt. There would be so many in our community – on all sides of a particular case - that would be left without results or resolution, which is why we thank all of those across the District of Columbia for answering the call when they receive their jury summons,” the Chief Judge added.

And all of us at DC Superior Court echo the same thing.

Thank you, DC, for #AnsweringTheCall when you receive your jury summons.