Seven Judges Confirmed by the U.S. Senate; Several Judicial Vacancies Remain Within the DC Courts

The actions taken over the last week by members of the United States Senate is an excellent jumping-off point to providing some desperately needed relief to the vacancy crisis that continues to affect the DC Courts and all of those that we serve across the District of Columbia.

We thank the senators for their attention and hope that that they will each remain focused on filling the 11 remaining judicial vacancies on the bench between the DC Court of Appeals and the Superior Court of the District of Columbia.

The seven additional judges will allow our current judges and staff members to work better, smarter and with a greater level of efficiently and productivity.

Our judges and courthouse staff members continue to work tirelessly and they each remain committed to providing fair and timely justice to all that have business with the Courts.

The new judges will undoubtedly help us fulfill our mission.

We urge the members of the United States Senate to not take their foot of the gas after providing us some much-needed movement over the last few days.

Now is not the time to lose sight of the remaining vacancies on the bench and its impact on the Nation’s Capital. The residents of the District deserve a fully staffed bench across the DC Courts.

The two associate judge appointments to the D.C. Court of Appeals are:

The five confirmed associate judge nominees to appointments on the Superior Court of the District of Columbia are:

The confirmed nominees will be sworn-in in the next few weeks. We will provide the details with you once they are each scheduled.