It's Back to High School for the Judges in DC Superior Court's Criminal Division

Connecting and keeping the lines of communication open, with the goal of building better and stronger communities - together.  These are just two of the goals connected the recent visit to Anacosita High School in Southeast, where several judges who are assigned to handle adult criminal cases in 2023 were greeted by School Principial William Haith.

The Criminal Division’s Presiding Judge, the Honorable Marisa Demeo, said this field trip afforded her and her colleagues with an opportunity to connect more directly with the community East of the Anacostia River.

Judge Demeo added, "It is important for judges to connect with people in the community who are making a positive difference so that we can learn from them. Principal Haith is just one of many people we need to connect with."

Indeed, he is. Principal Haith touched on several points and ideas in which the judges and his staff and students could benefit from a greater understanding as to where each is coming from - and how stronger bonds can keep us closer together rather than dividing us.

The DC Courts - We are "Open to All, Trusted by All, Justice for All"