DC Superior Court to Raise Juror Compensation

WASHINGTON, DC – The D.C. Superior Court wishes to inform all District of Columbia residents that starting today, those serving jury duty will receive an increased level of compensation.  Previously jurors in DC received $30 for each day beginning on their second day of service or if they were put on a jury, along with a daily transportation subsidy of $4.  Starting today, the rate will increase to $40, plus a $5 transportation subsidy.

"We rely on adult DC residents to serve jury duty, to do their civic duty, in order to ensure that the justice system works as intended by our Constitution," said DC Superior Court Chief Judge Robert Morin.  "We understand that sacrifices are involved.  We have worked hard over the past several years to reduce the frequency of service, to increase the convenience with online registration and deferral, and to only have those jurors actually needed for jury panels come to the courthouse with our night-before call-in system.  We provide free day care for children two years of age and older, and have free WiFi.  But juror compensation levels were outdated.  This is a way of expressing our appreciation to those DC residents who come down to the courthouse to serve jury duty."

The increase comes as a result of the DC Courts requesting additional funding for this purpose in the annual request to Congress which was included in the FY'19 budget passed just a few weeks ago.