DC Superior Court and DC Child & Family Services Agency Go Virtual This Year!

DC's 34th Annual Adoption Day Celebration - like so many other 2020 events - will be virtual.  Barbara Harrison, perennial emcee, interviewed families via teleconference and created a video that truly shows the joy of adoption. 

The first-ever DC Adoption Day video includes interviews with 33 families who adopted a total of 45 children.  The children range from a year old to high schoolers. Adoption judges, social workers and attorneys also make brief appearances to talk about their roles and the fulfillment they find in their jobs.  And two adoption day alumni share their thoughts on adoption after several years as part of their adoptive families.

The video is on the DC Courts' You Tube channel:  DC's 2020 Adoption Day Video

"This video is so incredibly heartwarming and allows the families to share their stories even a bit more than at our in-person Adoption Day ceremonies.  I encourage everyone to watch the video - it's upbeat and a welcome  reminder of the joy of family as we enter the holiday season," said DC Superior Court Chief Judge Anita Josey-Herring, who provides the welcome message in the video.  "We thank Ms. Harrison for all she did to make sure that COVID did not cancel DC Adoption Day, one of the happiest days of the year at DC Superior Court!"

Anyone interested in adopting or fostering is encouraged to call 202/671-LOVE (202/671-5683).  There are currently 682 children in DC foster care.  Of those children, DC Child & Family Services Agency is seeking adoptive families for 44 of them (others will be reunited with their families, have guardianships, or have already had an adoptive family identified).   

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