Family Treatment Court Graduation Ceremony Held Sept 19

The Family Treatment Court (FTC) program held a graduation ceremony on Wednesday, September 19 in the FTC courtroom, JM-8. Three women graduated, but unfortunately two were unable to attend, so proud graduate Jennifer Briscoe marched in alone and took her seat. Her son and daughter were in attendance, along with a number of her fellow FTC participants. Ms. Tracey Lassiter Butler from the DC Child & Family Services gave words of encouragement and inspiration. Then 2017 graduate Delante Allen spoke, saying he considered himself a "freedom fighter from the incarceration of intoxication." He spoke about hitting his low point and how much his life has changed since then, saying he hadn't been in any real trouble since he decided to be sober. Magistrate Judge Tyrona DeWitt spoke about how seriously she took the role of presiding over FTC, and continuing Magistrate Judge Pam Gray's leadership there. She presented Ms. Briscoe with her graduation certificate as the audience stood and applauded. Ms. Briscoe then made remarks, saying that she wanted to thank "every last person who has had an impact on my life...they didn't give up and always wanted me to succeed." She concluded by saying "I know we can do better for our kids and ourselves." FTC Coordinator Dr. Sariah Beatty then closed by presenting Ms. Briscoe with a necklace that had the serenity prayer on it. It was a very moving and joyous ceremony.