Community Service Program Office Staff Visits Host Sites

On May 3 and 4, the Community Service Program (CSP) staff visited Crowder Owens Food Bank and the DC Central Kitchen, both long-time community service program host sites for two days of service, while the judges were in training. Last year, the CSP Deputy Clerks suggested this alternative professional development experience to allow an opportunity to increase their knowledge about the community service host sites as well as provide assistance to the organizations. The CSP Deputy Clerks were thoroughly impressed with the leadership and work accomplished at the sites. As a result, the Deputy Clerks now have a better understanding of these sites and the work they do and can convey that to clients when assigning service. The Deputy Clerks were pleased to have gained an understanding of the service at these two sites and felt that it’s always a positive when one can give back to the community.

We thank our partners DC Central Kitchen and Crowder Owens Food Bank for hosting the Community Service Program Team.